Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Plastic Soldier Company

Welcome to Cornerstone Gaming! Where you can get your Plastic Soldier Company product at rock bottom prices.

I have multiple boxes of plastic soldier company 15mm product available and access to their product within a few days. If i dont have it in stock for you, i can have it within 5 business days. I am a small business privately run in Hamilton, Ontario which means you will get proper service with integrity.

Incase you havent seen it, their product is identical to Battlefront (flames of war) product at a fraction of the cost. If you have never visited their site, click on the link, select country and item. They make everything from T-34 to panthers, Halftracks to various shermans, stug's to infantry heavy weapons teams and the range keeps on growing.

Prices are;

Tank boxes $27.50 (compared to $65 for battlefront)

Infantry Boxes $30.00 (compared to $75 battlefront)
*No taxes! Beats anyone around!
*Will ship anywhere, can provide shipping costs upon request through Canada Post.
*Accept Paypal, cheque, cash

Contact me at: Cornerstonegames@Hotmail.com

Available are... (with links to pics)

Upcoming releases

This section will constantly change with any future releases from Plastic Soldier Company including the updates from their website. 15mm goodies will be underlined.

End May


**UPDATE 7th May 2012**

News from PSC HQ:-
We have 3 new releases for you this month:-
1. 1/72nd SdKfz 251/D German Halftrack kit - 3 models in the kit with 24 figures, plenty of extra stowage and we have managed to get the /10 platoon commander 37mm gun variant on the sprue as well. All this for only £12.95. Available from 19th May or pre-order below.

2. 15mm Sherman M4A3 (late) Tank kit - 5 models in the kit with options to build 75mm, 76mm or 105mm gun variants plus commander figures, £17.50. Available from 30th May or pre-order below.

3. 15mm Mixed size plastic base set - 4 x large (64mm by 50mm), 20 x medium (50mm by 32mm) and 8 x small (32mm by 25mm) for £5.75. Available from 19th May or pre-order below.

June will see the 251 conversion kit in 15mm, 1/72nd Russian Zis 2 and 3 Artillery kit and the 15mm version of the Russian 45mm anti tank gun kit.

I am hoping to have the 15mm US Infantry and 15mm Sherman M4A3E8 Easy Eight for July.
15mm US heavy weapons, 15mm M3 halftracks, tank destroyers and Priests will not be far behind.

For all those patiently waiting for 1/72nd Universal Carriers, 15mm Late War British Infantry and 15mm Tiger Is - I hear your pleading, anguished cries.

Will Townshend